Consumer Information

The Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA), as amended by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA), requires Metropolitan Community College (十大娱乐彩票平台) to disclose information to potential and currently enrolled students and prospective and current employees. This site provides a single access point for required disclosures regarding (but not limited to) general statistics about the institution, financial assistance (including loans), athletic participation, campus security, student rights and responsibilities and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act at 十大娱乐彩票平台. Additionally, this information is provided to avoid any and all misrepresentation of our educational programs, financial charges and employability of our graduates.

Please review all the contents below for complete and transparent disclosure about our institution. 十大娱乐彩票平台 will inform its students and staff of this information at least one time per year by sending an email announcement to each student and staff via the 十大娱乐彩票平台-issued email account.

Contact information for assistance in obtaining financial aid information can be found at

Additional inquiries about the college, including academic programs and admissions, may be directed to the admissions/enrollment offices.

Academic programs


Athletic programs

Athletic program participation rates and financial support data (Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act [EADA] Report)

This EADA Report is submitted annually and includes the number of participants by gender for each team, operating and recruiting expenses, coaches’ salaries, revenues and athletically related student aid.


Campus Safety

Complaints and grievances

Computer use and file sharing

Information Technology Acceptable Use (Board Policy). 十大娱乐彩票平台’s policy and regulation on computer and computer technology usage; network and computer systems acceptable use policies and sanctions and student email policy.

Constitution day

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day are observed each year on September 17 to commemorate the signing of the Constitution on September 17, 1787, and "recognize all who, by coming of age or by naturalization, have become citizens." Each educational institution which receives federal funds is required by law to hold an educational program on the United States Constitution for Constitution Day and Citizenship Day.

Campus life and leadership coordinates events on each campus.

Copyright infringement policies and sanctions

Cost of attendance

Dropping classes/withdrawing from college

Dropping or withdrawing from a 十大娱乐彩票平台 course. If you decide not to attend a class, you must officially drop that class within the refund period, or be charged for it. DO NOT assume you will be dropped automatically. You may officially drop a class through your my十大娱乐彩票平台KC student center or by visiting with an advisor. Dropping classes could affect your financial aid eligibility, resulting in a requirement to return funds received.

Drug and alcohol abuse

十大娱乐彩票平台 is committed to a safe, secure, healthful, drug-free work, campus and community environment, and has adopted the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act and Drug-Free Workplace Act standards as part of its own policies. All applicable alcohol and drug regulations, including federal and state underage drinking laws, are enforced. The unlawful possession, use and/or sale of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are specifically prohibited and violations carry substantial sanctions up to and including expulsion or termination of employment and/or referral for prosecution.

Financial aid

The 十大娱乐彩票平台 website features a financial aid section that includes information about the following:

  • need-based and non-need-based federal, state, private and institutional financial assistance programs available to students
  • eligibility requirements and procedures for applying for aid
  • documents, responsibilities and notifications involved in verification
  • criteria for selecting recipients and determining amount of award
  • financial aid terms and conditions, including terms applicable to employment provided as part of a financial aid package
  • rights and responsibilities of students receiving Title IV loans
  • how financial aid is handled when students withdraw
  • whom to contact for questions regarding financial aid

Gender neutral restrooms

十大娱乐彩票平台 provides single stall or gender neutral restrooms on our campuses. Note: Some restrooms have baby changing stations.

High school equivalency testing

十大娱乐彩票平台 administers the HiSET test at each of its campuses but we do not conduct classes to prepare for the test.  However, information on the locations that offer these preparation classes, as well as information on 十大娱乐彩票平台’s testing program is available.

Lactation rooms

十大娱乐彩票平台 supports nursing mothers and provides a lactation room in the following campus locations. Each room provides an electrical outlet, comfortable chair and nearby access to hot running water and soap.

Non-discrimination policies

十大娱乐彩票平台 is committed to providing equal opportunities for its students, staff and faculty. If you have questions or believe you have been subjected to discrimination or harassment, including sexual harassment, contact one of the Title IX Complaint Officers.

Pregnant and Newly Parenting Students

Title IX is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, including pregnancy and parental status, in educational programs and activities. 十大娱乐彩票平台 is committed to supporting all students in their continued access to educational programs and activities at the College, including those who are pregnant, have recently been pregnant or who have recently become responsible for the care of a newborn child.

Privacy of student records

Refund policy

Services for students with disabilities

Disability Support Services (DSS) office. Metropolitan Community College complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act which prohibit discrimination in admission or access to its programs based on disability. Each 十大娱乐彩票平台 campus has a Disability Support Services (DSS) office that offers services for students who have disabilities in order to ensure access and equal opportunity for all students to pursue their educational goals. Eligible students may register for services with our office, and we will develop a plan with each student for reasonable and appropriate accommodations related to their individual disabilities.

Barrier-Free Access Maps

Student activities

十大娱乐彩票平台 clubs and organizations. 十大娱乐彩票平台 students have a number of campus organizations in which they can participate.

Student diversity

Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. 十大娱乐彩票平台 embraces diversity in our student body, workforce, curriculum and community. We know that diversity supports learning, excellence and preparation of global citizenry.

十大娱乐彩票平台 Research Factbooks. Information about our student body diversity is available for each term the college offers courses. Factbooks reflect enrollment at the on-schedule state aid day (25% into the semester). Ethnic affiliations, age group, gender, enrollment type, degree seeking and non-degree seeking and age groups are displayed. Five years of data is displayed for comparison at the same time each year. The campus data are based upon attendance and a student may attend multiple campuses.

Student Outcomes/Student Right-to-Know Act

College Navigator Website 

十大娱乐彩票平台 information on College Navigator website. The National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) provides a College Navigator website for each college to assist students in their search of finding the right college.

Graduation, retention and transfer-out rates

十大娱乐彩票平台 research factbooks. Information on degrees and certificates awarded can be found on the research department website. This data shows the degrees by degree type and major for multiple years. Totals are made available for academic years.

Graduation and Transfer Rates. Data on the three-year graduation and transfer rates for first-time, full-time, degree-seeking freshmen and subgroups within that cohort.

The most recent data on retention rates may be found on the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) website.

Employment of graduates

Please see individual program pages for labor and salary information, placement and types of employment attained by 十大娱乐彩票平台 graduates.

Study abroad

Although 十大娱乐彩票平台 occasionally offers classes that include traveling, it does not participate in any study abroad programs that are eligible for Title IV financial aid.

Teacher preparation report

Although 十大娱乐彩票平台 offers a degree in teaching, that degree does not prepare graduates for the initial state certification or licensure. Therefore, 十大娱乐彩票平台 is not required to produce this report.

Textbooks and course materials

Detailed lists of required and recommended course materials are available from the 十大娱乐彩票平台 bookstores.

You may be able to charge books and supplies on your account before classes begin if you agreed to the financial aid payment agreement (during the enrollment process) and you have financial aid disbursed to your account that exceeds the cost of your tuition and fees. Bookstore purchases may include used and rental books. Vouchers for financial aid begin 10 days before classes start through the 50% refund period of the start of the semester. You may opt out of having a bookstore credit by not agreeing to the financial aid payment agreement, however, this will not allow you to receive any applicable refund check faster.

To see if you have funds to charge books click on the FA bookstore credit link in your my十大娱乐彩票平台KC student center beginning 10 days before classes start.

Tobacco free policy

All 十大娱乐彩票平台 properties and grounds are tobacco-free. This means smoking and all other tobacco use is prohibited inside and outside all college buildings and grounds. This includes all common areas, parking lots, building entrances, etc.

The health and safety of students, visitors, faculty and staff is a top priority for 十大娱乐彩票平台. Tobacco related disease is the nation’s leading preventable cause of premature death and disability and hazardous to the health of smokers and non-smokers alike.

Vaccination policies

十大娱乐彩票平台 does not require certification of vaccination from students or employees.

Voter registration

十大娱乐彩票平台 voter engagement. Schools must make a good faith effort to make voter registration forms available to students.